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Advanced Phonebook Overview

Ideal for both personal and business use, Advanced Phonebook is a digital-analog alternative to the address book or phone directory. Unlike many other programs, the flexible customization of Advanced Phonebook allows storage of not only phone numbers, faxes and addresses, but also other types of contact data, such as email addresses, Skype, AOL, MSN, etc.

Advanced Phonebook Current version: 2.15
Release date: October 05, 2013
System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


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Another program feature is that it can group contacts by category. A contact can be viewed both alphabetically and by category (eg business or personal). Contacts with frequently used phone numbers can be added to your favorites. The powerful and flexible search function allows you to search data by any criteria. All contacts can be exported to HTML and CSV files.

Main features: 

    Creating several contact books
    Unlimited categories and groups
    Password-protected access
    Alphabetical index
    Reports in HTML and CVS formats
    Adding all types of contact data
    Adding contact photos
    Flexible and customizable interface
    Minimizing to the system tray

Features in detail: 

Creating several contact books
The program allows the creation of numerous databases that can all be quickly opened via the menu.

Unlimited categories and groups
The number of categories and groups is unlimited, while subcategories and subgroups are also possible.

The most frequently used contacts can be added to your favorites.

Alphabetical index
The standard alphabetical index allows the filtering of contacts by each letter. Digits and non-alpha characters are also supported.

Reports in HTML and CVS formats
While creating reports, data columns can be arranged in any order with easy omission of columns not required.

The search tool allows you to search by all database fields in one go or separately by each field.

Adding all types of contact data
When adding contacts, any data type can be created and saved.

Adding contact photos
Contact photos can be added to the database. The following image formats are supported: BMP, JPEG, GIF.

Flexible and customizable interface
The graphical interface of the program can be extensively customized. It is possible to regroup, minimize, and close panels. In addition, the position of toolbars can be changed or hidden/revealed.

Minimizing to the system tray
If you often use the program throughout the day, it may be more convenient to keep the program open but minimized to the system tray.


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Latest news


October 05, 2013

Version 2.15 is released:
1. Alphabetical index is now at the top by default.
2. Categories and groups are now always expanded.
3. Minor improvements in contact card.
4. Redesigned "Add/Edit Type" dialog box.

April 10, 2009

Version 2.03 is released:
1. Added: the phone numbers in contact card can be rearranged.
2. Fixed: error when adding a new contact after creating a new database.
3. Fixed: some crashes.

March 03, 2009

Advanced Phonebook 2.02 is released:
1. Added: Windows 7 compatibility.
2. Added: ability to increase comment field in the contact card.
3. Added: word wrap setting for comment field in the contact card.

November 27, 2008

Advanced Phonebook 2.00 is released:
1. Added new license types: Home and Small office.
2. Added: Restoring the previously selected category, group and favorites when adding a new contact.
3. Added: Icon for Vista desktop.
4. Added: Installing desktop icon for All Users or for Current User only.
5. Changed: Default layout of the main window.
6. Changed: Contact card can be opened with or without tabs.
7. Minor interface improvements.

May 29, 2008

Advanced Phonebook 1.93 is released:
1. New: phone, fax, email, etc. columns have been added to the main list (Info1, Info2, etc.).
2. Fixed: error with displaying multiline comments.
3. Fixed: category comments and group comments are not displayed in the main list.


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